Artisanal brewery founded in 2016

Located in Chablis (Burgundy)
Production : 900hl
Ingredients : organically grown barley malt from burgundy and organically grown hops, spring water, various organically grown spices



Profile of the brewers

The founders of the Maddam brewery are two cousins, Alexis and Vianney Madelin, both of whom grew up in Burgundy. Alexis had previously worked in the vineyards in Châteauneuf du Pape, in Australia and then in Chablis for many years, while Vianney, after completing his woodworking studies, turned towards artistic design and creation for famous Champagne houses and renowned distilleries. Driven by a determination to offer high quality, artisanal French beers, and by a desire to return to their native lands, in 2016 the two cousins decided to renew the Burgundian brewing tradition in a land where wine is king, in the very heart of Chablis! Their beers are modern, 100% artisanal and organic. They are brewed with various, hand-selected types of barley, all of which are grown in Burgundy, and using patiently elaborated and jealously guarded recipes inspired by refined and generous gastronomical brews. Maddam beers are all-natural, non-filtered and non-pasteurized, created by a unique brewing method of 60 days (fermentation in steel vats between 68 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit, bottling with a light addition of sugar and yeast, second fermentation at 77 degrees Fahrenheit lasting two weeks, labeling and ageing in bottle for two weeks before release). The finely crafted Maddam beers stand out from other French beers due a delicate head, their fine bubbles and their smooth and finely balanced texture on the palate


Creations of the brewery

- "Moulin des Fées" Witbier style white beer. A fine, tasting beer with a superb balance of wheat and malted barley, and just a hint of spice. On the palate, it shows light acidity with a refreshing finish.
- "Porte Romane" Pale Ale style blonde beer. A fine, tasting beer with a light, golden color and floral and citrus-driven aromas . Made only with barley malt and very few hops.
"Jardins du Prieuré" Amber style beer. A fine, tasting beer with a smooth structure and a generous body with a long lasting finish marked by finely balanced spices.

Awards and competitions :

- Blonde "Porte Romane" :
Best Blonde French beer - Worlds Beer Awards (August 2017)
Bronze medal - International Beer Challenge (August 2017)

- Blanche "Moulin des Fées" :
Bronze medal - International Beer Challenge (August 2017)

Bottling : 50cl/150cl/20L
Optimum ageing time : up to 24 months



Website of the brewery :

Organic / biodynamic certified

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