Mas del Perié

Family estate since 5 generations
Location : Trespoux-Rassiels (Lot)
Area : 20 hectares
Use of the vineyard : organic farming (écocert 2009)
and biodynamic farming (demeter 2011/biodyvin 2014)
Grapes : Malbec, merlot, tannat, chenin blanc, jurançon noir, cabernet franc, petit/gros manseng, marsanne, roussanne.


Profile of the winegrower

In the village of Trespoux-Rassiels, Mas del Perié culminates Cahors vineyards from it height of 320m above sea level. When Fabien Jouves arrived in the estate in 2006, this young winegrower intends to move the lines of the historical appellation of Cahorsto express greshness and finesse with the purity of the fruit of the Malbec grape. With ambition and tenacity, he begins a long process of anlyse of the soils, conversion to biodynamic faming, long agings on lies in barrel and now amphora. Today, Fabien Jouves is a winegrower who knows exactly his terroir and the whispers of his vineyard. Always listening to its plots cuvees, it became one of the best references of the Cahors appellation. Still passionated and player, Fabien Jouves produces some recreational cuvees, more confidential, from old grapes that he wants to preserve. The pleasure is guaranteed !


Panoramic view of the highest vineyard of Cahors (320m)

The 4 different soils of Mas del Perié

Fabien Jouves, artisan winegrower


Wines of the estates

CAHORS with plot selections : Amphore, La Pièce, Les Acacias, La Roque, les Escures
WINES OF PLEASURE : Tu vin plus aux soirées, You f*** my wine, Omar m’a abuser, Le vin qui rap, Tannat passerillé, vin orange macération.

Revue de presse

DECANTER Haute Côt(e) de Fruit 2014 (91/100), La Roque 2012 (94/100), la Pièce 2011 (93/100), Escures 2013 (90/100)

Guide Bettane et Desseauve 2016 *** : cuvée Amphore 2014 (15/20), Bloc B 2012 (16/20), La Roque 2014 (14/20), Acacias 2012 (14/20), Escures 2014 (13,5/20)

RVF 2016 : Bloc 2014 (16/20), Acacias 2014 (16/20), Roque 2014 (15,5/20), La Pièce 2011 (16/20), Escures 2014 (15/20), Amphore 2014 (15/20), Pièces longues 2014 (15,5/20)....

Le Point Sept 2015
Express Juin 2015

Le Monde Mars 2015
Rouge et blanc - printemps 2013
Dire Lot par Jean Roux - Février 2012
Guide Hachette 2016 - Roque 2013 **
Sommeliers international - Printemps 2011

Wine advocate : Mas del Perié 2006 (94/100), La Pièce 2007 (92/100), Acacias 2007 (90/100), Escures 2007 (87/100), LA Roque 2007 (87/100)



Website of winegrower :

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