Family estate
Location : Saint Lambert du Lattay
Area : 26 hectars on Armorican range of hills
Use of the vineyard : organic farming since 2008
and biodynamic conversion
Grapes : chenin, grolleau, cabernet franc


" Coteau des Treilles "
(regionally protected natural reserve)


Profile of the winegrower

Pithon, a name that resonates loud and clear in the Loire ! At the origin of the story is the charismatic winemaker Jo Pithon who, with his wife Isabelle, wanted in 2008 to prepare the transition of their estate to their children. The vineyards, encompassing 22 acres, lie on top of an Armorican range of hills with exceptionally rich soils made up of rolled galets and crushed stones, as well as igneous rock. The famous cuvée from the COTEAU DES TREILLES is a jewel of purity and refinement. The vines in question, planted before World War Two, had been abandoned due to the steep incline of the slope, up to 70% in some areas. In 1998, the Pithon family took on the challenge of purchasing 70 separate single vineyards from 25 different sellers to reclaim the lands and plant 8 acres of vines. Located in a Natura 2000 site (regionally protected natural reserve), environmentally respectful agriculture was essential to preserve the natural fauna and flora of such an incomparable site.
Since the fall of 2018, Ivan Massonnat has taken over the estate with very much the same mentality. He recently purchased almost 40 extra acres of vineyards in the Savennières and Quarts de Chaume AOPs, thus reinforcing the estate’s notoriety in terms of Chenin Blanc. Throughout the winemaking process, the wines are meant to be a natural expression of the exceptional terroir, with single vineyard cuvées such as Bonnes Blanches, Clos des Ruchères or les Quarts. The wines are made using only wild yeasts, and are left to evolve naturally in small to medium sized barriques for long periods of time (one to two years). Sampling the BELARGUS estate's wines is the guaranteed equivalent of a great Loire valley voyage !

BEL ARGUS, the mythic blue butterfly
of Coteau des Treilles

Vine huts dated on XIXth and XXth centuries

The team vintage 2018

Wines of the estate

- Anjou blanc (100% Chenin) / cuvées parcellaires : COTEAU DES TREILLES, BONNES BLANCHES, PIERREBISE, LA FRESNAYE + MOZAIK blanc
- Anjou rouge MOZAIK (100% Cabernet Franc)
- GROLOLO (100% Grolleau)
BUBBLES Crémant de Loire Brut de Chenin
- Moelleux : 4 vents (Coteau du Layon), Belargus des Treilles, Quarts de Chaume Grand Cru

Press review

Revue des Vins de France (jan 17) :
16,5/20 Coteau des Treilles 2013

Wine Spectator, Le Monde, Terre de vin, L'Express, Andreas Larsen, Montreal gazette, Le Devoir, Cavus Vinifera, Wine citizens, Gaston, Explorer, Le courrier de L'ouest, Réussir Vigne, etc


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Organic / biodynamic certified

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