Family estate since 1966
Location : Saint-Andelain (right bank of the Loire river)
Area : 10 hectares
Use of the vineyard : organic farming (Ecocert 2009) et biodynamic (certification in process)

Grape : Sauvignon

Village Saint-Andelain, right bank of the Loire river


Profile of the winegrower


Located on the right bank of the Loire river, the Domaine du Bouchot was the first area certified organic farming AOP Pouilly Fumé in 2009. Its 10 hectares of vines from the Sauvignon grape are planted on the south-west side of the hill from the village of Saint Andelain, the soils are mainly clay and limestone from the Kimmeridgian. The configuration of the estate, isolated in the center of its vineyards, allows a very precise biodynamic work, the vinifications that follow are done with a little intervention and the wines produced express the finesse of a preserved terroir. 2018 marks the arrival of Antoine Gouffier, young winemaker and child of the village, who takes over from the Kerbiquet family with great energy. By going around the world, this backpacker decided, like Ulysse, to return home. After 12 years between New York, California, Argentina, Africa and the Middle East, between trade, commerce and catering, he still had to settle in an area. His young wife helped him there. Soon she will be part of the affair. With Pascal Kerbiquet, his mentor, prophet of Bio and Pygmalion of biodynamics, he found his haven in Bouchot: the semi-solitude of the craftsman for a fan of discoveries... Plantations of vines, renovation of the cellar, purchases of tuns and amphorae, new orange vintage, makeover of the skins ... it's moving at Bouchot ! To discover and follow closely.

Wines estate

Pouilly-Fumé AOP
-"VITAE" (from kimmeridgian marls)
-"PETRAM" (from portlandian caillottes)
-"CALICEM" (70 years old vines & skin contact)
-"ORANGE" (orange wine)




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Organic / biodynamic certified

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