----PROWINE Shanghai (november
----MILLESIME BIO Montpellier (24-25-26 january 2022)
----WINE Paris VINEXPO (14-15-16 february 2022)

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2020/02/10 - 5 BIOtiful wines among the 50 exceptional wines
selected by the Best Sommeliers of the World for VINEXPO PARIS !!!


2019/03/19 - Crazy days at Prowein on booth K84 hall 11 🍷


2018/01/29 - Les Pépites de MILLESIME BIO Hall B2 tables 109+111+74


2017/06/18 - Welcome to Vinexpo on our BIOtiful stand A285 VINEXPO Bordeaux hall 1 �


2017/03/20 - Last call for a BIOtiful tasting at PROWEIN on stand L84 hall 11 ��🍷


2017/03/16 - Great news to share on stand ProWein L84 HALL 11, see you on Sunday !


2017/01/31 - BIOtiful team under the sun of Marseille for MILLESIME BIO ☼


2016/11/17 - BIOtiful winemaker diners at The Claridges Hotel, New Dehli (India) : the future is organic ☆


2016/11/17 - BIOtiful success story during Vinexpo together with Xavier Ledogar (Domaine Ledogar),
Vincent Caillé (Domaine le Fay d'Homme), Fabien Jouves (Mas del Perié) and Maud Mullard (BIOtiful wines)


2016/03/13 - We LOVE BIOtiful wines ♥ with Franck Buisson (Domaine H&G Buisson/Bourgogne),
Julien Ferran (Château Ferran/Bordeaux et Entre Deux Mers), Fabien Jouves (Mas del Perié/Cahors),
Frédéric Broutet (Domaine de Beyssac/Marmandais) and Maud Mullard (BIOtiful wines).

2016/01/25 - Ready to start Millésime Bio table 625 hall B3 with Franck Buisson (Domaine H&G Buisson/Bourgogne),
Vincent Caillé (Domaine Le Fay d'Homme/Muscadet), Julien Ferran (Château Ferran/Bordeaux & Entre Deux Mers),
Nicolas Despagne (Vignobles Despagne Rapin/St Emilion), Frédéric Broutet (Domaine de Beyssac/Marmandais),
Michael Latz (Domaine des Aspras/Provence) and all the BIOtiful wines to taste🍷🍾😃


2015/06/13 - La BIOtiful team chez Nicolas Despagne, J-1 avant Vinexpo Bordeaux

2015/03/17 - Many thanks to our friends from all the world who came to visit us at Prowein (Düsseldorf) ... prost und bis bald ;-)


2015/01/29 - Nice meetings at Montpellier during Millésime BIO... a great 2015 edition, thank you all :-)





2014/10/29 - BIOtiful success story at Vinexpo Tokyo with Mathieu Ledogar (DOMAINE LEDOGAR) / Corbières




2014/07/04 - BIOtiful synergy at domaine H&G Buisson in Saint Romain :
great moments of share and exchange between BIOtiful winegrowers !


2014/06/01 - See you on booth G60/1 and meet our friend Frédéric Broutet (DOMAINE DE BEYSSAC),
the new rising star from Côtes du Marmandais (South west)



2014/05/25 - See you soon on booth 3-J40-8 and meet our friend Xavier Ledogar,
the great winegrower from DOMAINE LEDOGAR in Corbières-Boutenac



2014/04/25 - the BIOtiful wines are flying to America



2014/04/07 - Great welcome reserved for the BIOtiful wines during VINITALY,
grazie mille to our friends from CONSORZIO VINTESA !




2014/04/03 - during VINTALY, the BIOtiful wines celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the CONSORZIO VINTESA,
a friendly group of italien organic winegrowers. Join us !


2014/03/31 - Taste our wines at VINITALY on booth G4 (Pavillon 10/Piemonte) of our italien friends CONSORZIO VINTESA



2013/11/7-12 - the BIOtiful wines in Hong Kong (HKIWSF) and Macao (WWM), 干杯 Gān-bēi !

hong kong


2013/10/23-25 - BIOtiful wines in Moscow and Novossibirsk (Ubifrance), здоровья!



2013/06/17 - A great evening animated by Lénaic Tevelle (wineshop la Cuv) at restaurant Papy fait de la résistance
in Bordeaux during Vinexpo with Bertrand Cortellini (Domaine Rouge Garance), Chantal Braun (Domaine Camille Braun),
Julien Ferran (Château Ferran), Vincent Caillé (Domaine le Fay d'Homme), Nicolas Despagne (Château Maison Blanche)
and Caroline & Olivier COLLARD (Champagne COLLARD-Picard).

Expression Bio Vinexpo


2013/05/07 - Vini Folies in Warsaw under the sun (29°)



2013/04/09 - BIOtiful wines in Tokyo during Hanami



2013/03/24 - J-1 Prowein


2013/01/27 - The BIOtiful winegrowers gather in Montpellier,
the day before the opening of the exhibition Millésime BIO (stand 390/392 - hall 6)


2012/11/8 - Flying to the HONG KONG International Wine and Spirits fair (stand SOPEXA D11/H3F)



2012/09/17 -the BIOtiful wines on the road for a french wine tour in Hamburg and Berlin (Germany)

TVF Allemagne


2012/07/06 -the BIOtiful wines at Beijing (China), Shanghai (China) and Taipei (Taiwan)
during the French Wine Trade show organised by Sopexa. Thanks to the translators : Sophie, Emilie and Constance !

Pekin shanghai taipei

2012/05/21 - BIOtiful wines @London International Wine and Spirit Fair !


2012/04/29 - Opening of the World Wine Meeting of America in Chicago / USA



2012/04/19 - Opening of the French Wine Trade Show in Seoul / South Korea



2012/04/17 - Opening of the French Wine Trade Show in Tokyo / Japon

FWTS TokyoTokyo


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