Family estate since 3 generations

Location : in Provence at Correns, first ORGANIC village of France - founding member of ORGANIC CITIES EUROPE NETWORK with pioneers likeVienna (Austria), Nuremberg (Germany), Vaxjo (Sweden) and Paris.

Area : 25 hectars

Use of vineyard: organic farming since 1996 (Ecocert), biodynamic culture - the compost is made from their own cattle and sheep manure - some plots are worked on horseback and some sheeps weed naturally the vines - the harvest is manual at 60%

Grapes : BLUSH Grenach, cinsault, rolle - RED syrah, grenache, cabernet sauvignon, merlot - WHITE rolle, vieux ugni blanc (+30 years old)

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CORRENS, 1rst organic village of France
founding member of "Organic Cities Europe Network"

vallee argens

Valley of Argens in the heart of green Provence


Profile of the winegrower

At the entrance of the Gorges Bagorèse, on the right bank of the Argens, an enchanting turquoise blue reflections river overhung by beautiful steep cliffs, is Correns, a village in the Provence countryside, outside the national roads. A few miles away is located the Domaine des Aspras that tells a beautiful story about the meeting between a family and a terroir : 50 years ago, Gottfried and Lisa Latz left the Belgian Congo, landed in the south of France and settled in Correns in Provence where they discovered their passion about wine. The family shortly bought some parcels of vines and during many years sold the grapes to the negoce. In 1971, when Michael Latz, agricultural engineer by training, joined his widowed mom for help, the first bottles are marketed and Domaine des Aspras is born. Today, Michael is helped by brother David and his 3 sons Raphael, Alexandre and Sébastien : "les 3 frères". Robert Nourrisson, vineyard manager, left the neighbor Miraval to work the terroir of Aspras and move to the biodynamy.
Aspras honors this exceptional terroir with secular fame, whose Benedictine monks of Montmajour had already acknowledged the unique wine growing potential in the 13th century. The limestone hills that surround the area gave it its name "asper" - (aspera, rockery in Latin).
This land is cultivated in organic farming, to 95 % today. An initiative of Mayor Michael Latz , who gathered the habitants of Correns in early 1995. Today, the village of Correns is the 1st ORGANIC village of France, distinguished by its preserved quality of life and also by its environmentally friendly agriculture.
The Domaine des Aspras takes the Latz family's motto : "Know thyself" (te ipsum nosce). The work of their soil and in their cellar is guided by the determination to product organic wines with a true reflection of its exceptional .
Symbol of strength and beauty, the Unicorn invites us to go a few steps further on the path that leads to wisdom. It's a beautiful journey that offers the tasting of these great wines, highly confidential...


bastide aspras

The Winery


bastide aspras

The Bastide (holiday cottage) surrounded by vines and hills

Wines estates
- Cuvee Licorne : blush, red and white
- Les Trois Frères : blush, red and white
- A Lisa : blush, red and white


Press review and competitions

5 Gold medals for Cuvee les Trois Frères
- blush :
GOLD / Concours Générale Agricole de Paris
GOLD / Concours des Grands Vins de Mâcon
GOLD / Concours Mondial du Rosé
- red :
GOLD / Concours Générale Agricole de Paris
GOLD / Concours des Vins de Provence de St Tropez

Wines served to the Carlton (Cannes) and Palm Beach (Monte-Carlo)



aspras licorne trois freres lisa

Website of winegrower : http://www.aspras.com

Organic / biodynamic certified

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